Be Ready

You may have many uncertainties preparing to enter higher education. You wonder what lies ahead and how to make the best of your academic life. 

Instead of fear, choose Anticipation! Instead of uncertainty, choose Adventure! Instead of hesitation, Be Ready!

At NUS, all resources and support are in place to help you achieve greatness.

Accomplish your goals under the guidance of renowned professors and be in the company of talented peers from all over the world! 

Most importantly, you have the freedom to chart your growth and learning paths. 

All you have to do is join us and be #NUSready!

You Are Ready


Meet Your Seniors



Li Zhengxi, Year 2
Faculty of Law


Maria Erika Glen Goh, Year 1
NUS Engineering
Biomedical Engineering


Nurshamin Binti Wan Mohd Shahrizal, Year 1
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences


Douglas Ong, Year 4
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Tammy Toh, Year 1
Faculty of Science
Pharmaceutical Science


Russell Teo, Year 2
Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies


Nguyen Thuy Duong (Anita), Year 2
School of Computing
Business Analytics

Chin An

Eng Chin An, Year 2
School of Design and Environment
Real Estate, with Minor in Urban Studies


Tee Shu Yun, Year 4
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University Scholars Programme


Muhammad Ahmed bin Anwar Bahajjaj, Year 2
School of Computing
Computer Science
University Scholars Programme


Srinithi Rethinakumar, Year 2
Life Sciences
University Scholars Programme



Sai Surya Yarlagadda, Year 4
NUS Engineering
Economics & Mechanical Engineering Double Degree
(Energy & Sustainability Specialisation in ME)




about nus

About NUS

The National University of Singapore is a leading global university offering a variety of multi-disciplinary programmes and global opportunities. NUS prepares you to be future-ready from your first day at the university and facilitates your engagement with potential employers. Our curriculum is constantly refined to stay relevant to industry. Beyond the requisites of an academic degree, you will have the opportunity to participate in our rigorous and broad-based programmes that allow you to delve into multiple knowledge domains that suit your strengths and interests. The NUS experience is further complemented by a vibrant community enriched with diverse social and cultural perspectives.


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