NUS Financial Aid Package
Covering Tuition Fees & Living Expenses

Needy NUS undergraduate students can submit ONE Financial Aid Application to NUS from 1 February to 1 April every year to be considered for the NUS Financial Aid Package, for the upcoming Academic Year in August.  The package includes the following bursary/grant schemes (non-repayable monetary awards):

Covering Tuition Fees & Living Expenses

Covering Hostel Fees

Other Schemes
Requiring Separate Applications

There are other bursary schemes available for needy NUS full-time undergraduate students requiring separate applications.

Bursaries Involving Community Service 

Bursaries Covering Costs of Participation in Overseas Programmes

Bursaries Administered by External Organsations 

Computing Alumni Assistance Award & Computing Student Development Fund

NUSSU Students’ Fund Bursary & Book Grants

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